Living Simply

Transforming everyday activities into mindful moments.

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention on purpose in the present moment. One of my biggest takeaways from focusing on my well-being has been to find new ways to perform essential activities of my day so that the act of doing them generates joy and peace.  

So, I now slow myself down repeatedly throughout the day, for anywhere from 1-5 minutes, just being present while engaging in an otherwise routine activity that’s not related to work: drinking my morning tea, doing laundry, cooking, eating lunch etc. During those few minutes, I reset and refresh my energy for the day. This approach is helping me to achieve well-being through a life made simple.

Living Simply features brief daily practices which can bring small doses of mindfulness into each day and week. These simple activities, many long-forgotten or considered old-fashioned, simultaneously soothe and awaken. 

“Mindfulness is like a muscle, and without exercise, it will lose its strength.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Luxury of the Picnic

The picnic: A mood-altering experience that can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary memory.