I’m Janine, and I created Simply Eau-de-Vie to help others find well-being through a life made simple. 

Eau-de-Vie, a term that translates from French into English as “water of life,” is my term for the simple elements of life – the small pleasures, the values and mindsets – that coexist in abundance in Europe.  

I love the phrase,
‘water of life’ –
it speaks of sustenance, something that provides nourishment; a source of strength that gives life
and fosters well-being.

I coined the term because these simple elements of life promote well-being and longevity; I know because they helped me to recover from personal trauma and burnout.  

I hope that the content on this site – both written and visual – inspires others to slow down their lives enough to experience relatively simple aspects of life that bring joy, nourish the soul, and ultimately support health.  

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