À la table

I’m a foodie and an avid cook, but I think most meals cooked at home – especially those between Monday and Friday – should be uncomplicated, yet full of flavour and eye-appeal. I’m also a big believer in a beautifully set table, even for everyday meals. We all eat meals every day; when used deliberately, they’re built-in times to reconnect with ourselves and others.

The right balance of simplicity, working with what you’ve got in the house, and a little attention to presentation – even when things are hectic – can turn mealtimes at home into a time that you, and anyone else you live with, look forward to every day. 

Check back regularly for tested and tried simple recipes and other tips à la table. And check our experimental kitchen for first-time cooking efforts featuring new and exciting ingredients from markets around the globe.

New Take on Tuna Salad

An easy-to-make twist on classic tuna salad which will liven up your work from home lunches and maybe even make it to dinner; this is definitely not your mama’s tuna salad.

Late Summer Prawn Salad

Enjoy this late summer meaty prawn salad on a croissant, bed of lettuce or in a wrap for a delicious easy-to-make at home lunch.