Inhale, Exhale, Hang the laundry

There is something meditative about taking a few moments to hang laundry. I hang mine on a rack in front of a sunny window or on the line in the garden. If I’m lucky, the wind blows, and the clothes peacefully move to its rhythm.  I have even been known to turn on a fan indoors just to see the clothes blow in the wind! Then there’s the practice of taking it down and inhaling the smell of your fresh-air dried linens and, later, resting your head on them once they’re on the bed. All in all, it’s just a few minutes of a day, but the steps involved somehow calm the mind.

Like many Americans, I grew up with a clothes dryer in the house; it was considered a prized possession that prior generations didn’t own. When I was little, I used to watch one of my grandmothers hang her laundry out on the line, but I didn’t understand why she didn’t want to buy a dryer. Fast forward to life in Europe where many people hang laundry to dry on a clothes rack or line. I’ll admit that when I first moved to the U.K., I found it inconvenient to hang my laundry rather than use a machine. But, now, I love hanging laundry on the line even though I now have a dryer. Hanging laundry is good for the environment, an excellent way to reduce your utility bills, and Simply good for your soul.

Try it: Take a few moments to slow down and be fully present. Hang the laundry to dry, using clips, hangers or just over the line itself. Later, watch it blow in the wind (or turn on a fan, so it does). When it’s dry, take a few moments to take it off the line, inhale its fresh goodness and put things away in their place. Ah, such peace!